Mahakal Bio Fuel provide some effective services to their client. Our wood fire bricks are by products of our milling plant. The hard and soft wood waste fibre is recycled into these energy efficient fire bricks environmental protection.

Transportation Services
Transportation Service means material, man, machine etc is shifting form one location point to another point. Mahakal Provide the transportation service to their client. they did not take extra charge for it.
Eco Friendly to environment
Bio fuel release fewer pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, helping decrease heat-trapping gases. Bio fuels are produced from so-called "energy crops" that include wheat, corn, soybeans and sugarcane, so they are sustainable. And if every nation can grow its own, there is a high likelihood these bio fuels will never run out.
Quality Bricks
Bricks produced in Mahakal Bio Fuel have some extra ordinary quality that makes Mahakal Bio Fuel is different from other bio fuel industry.Husk brick have extra quality that are:
  • Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced.
  • High sulfur content of oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment. There is no sulfur in Briquettes.
  • Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal).
  • There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.
  • Briquettes have consistent quality, have high burning efficiency, and are ideally sized for complete combustion.
  • Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirements is faster due to higher quantity of volatile matter in briquettes.
  • Briquettes are usually produced near the consumption centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances.